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HOM has extensive experience partnering with Public Housing Authorities... Read more...
HOM has extensive experience working with non-profit organ-izations...
HOM values our established and trusted relationships with
landlords...
We pride ourselves on providing
our residents with stellar customer
service...

Our driving mission is to end homelessness.
With the right partnerships for the right reasons, we can and will end homelessness in our communities.  As a professional housing provider since 1994 that partners with Public Housing Authorities, Non-Profit Organizations, Landlords, and Residents, we know firsthand the great strides that have been made towards ending homelessness and the extensive work yet to be done on this critical issue.

Whether you need Housing Program Management, Real Estate Development Services, HQS Inspections, Lease-Up Services, Property Management or other services, HOM is committed to partnering with you to create innovative, collaborative and effective solutions to homelessness.


3829 North 3rd Street Suite 101 • Phoenix, AZ 85012 • Ph: 602.265.4640 • 1.877.HOMINC1 • Fax: 602.265.4680

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