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Eligibility / How to Apply

Below are the eligibility guidelines and application procedures for all of the housing programs that HOM, Inc. operates:

Supportive Housing Programs

HOM, Inc. operates programs for homeless persons with serious mental illness on behalf of Arizona Behavioral Health Corporation (ABC). These programs are reserved for persons receiving SMI behavioral health care services from the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) for Maricopa County. Applicants must also meet the HUD definition of homeless and have a gross income at or below 50% of the area median income. ABC maintains the waiting list for these programs. To apply, a RBHA case manager must submit an application directly to ABC. ABC will notify the RBHA case manager when the applicant's name has approached the top of the waiting list so that the applicant may be scheduled to attend a briefing or initial orientation.

Mainstream Program

The Mainstream Housing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Program provides Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers to very-low income disabled families. Unlike other programs operated by HOM, Inc., the Mainstream Program is not reserved for persons with specific disabilities. Applicants for this program must be disabled; however, there is no preference for admission of persons with a specific disability. The Mainstream Program also does not require applicants to be homeless.

For information on applying for the Mainstream Program, please click here.


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